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File Number QQGQ.E163743

AC adapters, Model(s) AM240B

AC adaptors, Model(s) 3A-503DN12, AM188B1ySzz*

Direct plug-in power supplies, Model(s) 3A-021WUxx(f), 3A-031WUxx(g), 3A-041WU09A, 3A-041WUXX(h), 3A-051W(X)(YY)

Direct plug-in power supply adapters, Model(s) EPA-031WU-05, EPA-031WU-3.8, EPA-301W-16.5, EPAS-101W-03, EPAS-101W-05, EPAS-101W-06, EPAS-101W-09, EPAS-101W-12, EPAS-101W-15, EPAS-101W-16, EPAS-101W-18, EPAS-101W-20, EPAS-101W-24, EPAS-101WU-X, EUA-101W-16, EUA-101W-18, EUA-101W-20, EUA-101W-24

Direct plug-in switching adapters, Model(s) 3A-061WPXX(#)

Direct plug-in switching supplies, Model(s) 3A-061WU05B

Direct-Plug-In Switching Power Adapter, Model(s) 3A-052WP05

DPIT switching adaptors, Model(s) 3A-161WPXX(XX)

Linear power supplies, Model(s) 60-7.5-2900D, AM618BS10S, M13ADT-2

Plug-in power supplies, Model(s) 57-13.9-850R, EPA-101W-03, EPA-101W-05, EPA-101W-06, EPA-101W-09, EPA-101W-12, EPA-101W-15, EPA-202W-2, EPA-202W-2A, EUA-101W-X, SPN4340A

Power adapters, Model(s) 3A-203DB02, 3A-901DAx@, 3A-901DNx@, AM188B5, AM197BxSy(^), EPA-241DAN-(y)(y), EPA-241DN-(y)(y), EPA-301DAN-(y)(y), EPA-301DAN-08, EPA-301DN-(y)(y)

Power adaptors, Model(s) 3A-XX1DBXX(e), 3A-XX1DNXX(e), AM178B36, AM178B44, AM178B50, AM178B60, AM188B3, AM188B33, AM188B4, AM196B112Sx(i)

Power supplies, Model(s) 3A-161DAXX(d), 3A-161DBXX(d), 3A-161DNXX, 3A-121DN06, 3A-121DB06, 3A-181DAXX, 3A-181DBXX, 3A-181DNXX, 3A-XX1DAYY(j), 3A-XX1DNXX, 3A151DAXX(d), ENG-WEAD, ENG-WEAD-01, ENG-WEAD-02, ENG-WEAD-03, ENG-WEAD-04, ENG-WEAD-05, ENG-WEAD-06

Power supplies for business machines, Model(s) 3A-211DA05, 3A-211DA06, 3A-211DA07, 3A-211DA09, 3A-211DA10, 3A-211DA15, 3A-211DA16, 3A-211DA18, 3A-211DA20, 3A-211DN05, 3A-211DN06, 3A-211DN07, 3A-211DN09, 3A-211DN10, 3A-211DN15, 3A-211DN16, 3A-211DN18, 3A-211DN20, 3A-251DA12, 3A-251DA24, 3A-251DN12, 3A-251DN24

Power supply adapters, Model(s) AM122-12, AM122-18, AM122-19, AM122-19.5, AM122-20, AM122-24, AM122-35

Power Supply for Business Machine, Model(s) 3A-212DB05, 3A-212DB06, 3A-212DB07, 3A-212DB09, 3A-212DB10,3A-212DB15, 3A-212DB16, 3A-212DB18, 3A-212DB20, 3A-212DB24

Switch Mode Power Supply, Model(s) 3A-056WU05, 3A-153DA15, 3A-304DAXX (~)

3A-403DA12, 3A-403DA19, 3A-403DA20, and 3A-403DA24

3A-403DA48, 3A-602DAXX(&)

Switch power adapters, Model(s) 3A-051WP05*(b), 3A-161WP05, 3A-161WP06, 3A-161WP07

Switch power supplies, Model(s) 3A-111WZyy($), 3A-621DAXX(c)

Switch-Mode Power Supply, Model(s) 3A-058WP**, 3A-068WP** (x2), 3A-058WU***, 3A-068WU*** (x3)

3A-10AWU05, 3A-12DWU05, 3A-12DWU09, 3A-12DWU10, 3A-12DWU12, 3A-12DWU15, 3A-12DWU18, 3A-12DWU24


3A-407DA08, 3A-407DB08, 3A-407DN08, 3A-407DA09, 3A-407DB09, 3A-407DN09, 3A-407DA12, 3A-407DB12, 3A-407DN12, 3A-407DA12A, 3A-407DB12A, 3A-407DN12A, 3A-407DA15, 3A-407DB15, 3A-407DN15, 3A-407DA19, 3A-407DB19, 3A-407DN19, 3A-407DA24, 3A-407DB24, 3A-407DN24, 3A-407DA36, 3A-407DB36, 3A-407DN36, 3A-407DA48, 3A-407DB48, 3A-407DN48.

3A-505DA05, 3A-505DB05, 3A-505DN05, 3A-505DA06, 3A-505DB06, 3A-505DN06, 3A-505DA09, 3A-505DB09, 3A-505DN09, 3A-505DA09A, 3A-505DB09A, 3A-505DN09A, 3A-505DA12, 3A-505DB12, 3A-505DN12, 3A-505DA15, 3A-505DB15, 3A-505DN15, 3A-505DA19, 3A-505DB19, 3A-505DN19, 3A-505DA24, 3A-505DB24, 3A-505DN24.


Switching Adapter, Model(s) 3A-503DA15, AM138B03S06, AM138B03S07, AM138B05S07, AM138B05S10, AM138B05S1001, AM138B05S15, AM138B06S07, AM138B06S12, AM138B06S15, AM138B06S18, AM138B07S12, AM138B09S07, AM138B09S09, AM138B09S15, AM138B09S20, AM138B12S07, AM138B12S10, AM138B12S1001, AM138B12S15, AM138B12S20, AM138B15S07, AM138B15S10, AM138B15S15, AM138B15S20, AM138B18S07, AM138B18S10, AM138B18S15, AM138B18S21, AM138B205S07, AM138B205S10, AM138B205S15, AM138B205S20, AM138B20S07, AM138B20S10, AM138B20S14, AM138B20S20, AM138B24S07, AM138B24S10, AM138B24S15, AM138B24S21, AM138B65S07, AM138B65S11, AM138B65S16, AM138B75S07, AM138B75S10, AM138B75S15, AM138L03S06, AM138L03S07, AM138L05S07, AM138L05S10, AM138L05S15, AM138L06S07, AM138L06S12, AM138L06S15, AM138L07S12, AM138L09S07, AM138L09S09, AM138L09S15, AM138L09S20, AM138L12S07, AM138L12S10, AM138L12S15, AM138L12S20, AM138L15S07, AM138L15S10, AM138L15S15, AM138L15S20, AM138L18S07, AM138L18S10, AM138L18S15, AM138L18S21, AM138L205S07, AM138L205S10, AM138L205S15, AM138L205S20, AM138L20S07, AM138L20S10, AM138L20S14, AM138L20S20, AM138L24S07, AM138L24S10, AM138L24S15, AM138L24S21, AM138L65S07, AM138L65S11, AM138L65S16, AM138L75S07, AM138L75S10, AM138L75S15

Switching adaptors, Model(s) 3A-161WU05, 3A-161WU05A, 3A-161WU06, 3A-161WU07, 3A-161WU09, 3A-161WU12, 3A-161WU15, 3A-161WU18, 3A-161WU20, 3A-161WU24, 3A-251DA05, 3A-251DN05, 3A-301DA06, 3A-301DN06, 3A-351DA07, 3A-351DN07, 3A-501DA05, 3A-501DA06, 3A-501DA07, 3A-501DA08, 3A-501DA09, 3A-501DA10, 3A-501DA11, 3A-501DA12, 3A-501DA13, 3A-501DA14, 3A-501DA15, 3A-501DA16, 3A-501DA17, 3A-501DA18, 3A-501DA19, 3A-501DA20, 3A-501DA21, 3A-501DA22, 3A-501DA23, 3A-501DA24, 3A-501DA34, 3A-501DN05, 3A-501DN06, 3A-501DN07, 3A-501DN08, 3A-501DN09, 3A-501DN10, 3A-501DN11, 3A-501DN12, 3A-501DN13, 3A-501DN14, 3A-501DN15, 3A-501DN16, 3A-501DN17, 3A-501DN18, 3A-501DN19, 3A-501DN20, 3A-501DN21, 3A-501DN22, 3A-501DN23, 3A-501DN24, 3A-501DN34, BC-500, BC1011, DR-BC-K4, EPA-202D-1D

Switching Mode Power Supply, Model(s) 3A-032WU05, 3A-032WU09, 3A-302DNXX, 3A-302DAXX Series, 3A-903DA12, 3A-903DA19, 3A-903DA24, 3A-903DA48, 8A-131WU03, 8A-181WU05, 8A-181WU06, 8A-201WU09, 8A-201WU12, 8A-201WU15, 8A-201WU18, 8A-201WU20, 8A-201WU22, 8A-201WU24, 8A-201WU48, 8A-241WU12

Switching Power Adapter, Model(s) 3A-032WP05, 3A-032WP06, 3A-035WU05, 3A-053WP05, 3A-053WP06, 3A-055WU05, 3A-036WU05, 3A-064WU12, 3A-071DA03, 3A-093WU12, 3A-102DU12, 3A-102WU12, 3A-103DU12, 3A-112WU05, 3A-122DU12, 3A-122WP05, 3A-122WU09, 3A-122WU10, 3A-122WU12, 3A-123DU12, 3A-123WU05, 3A-123WU12, 3A-124DA05, 3A-124DA06, 3A-124DA09, 3A-124DA12, 3A-124DA15, 3A-124DA18, 3A-124DA24, 3A-125DA05, 3A-125DA12, 3A-125DA15, 3A-125DU12, 3A-125WU05, 3A-125WU06, 3A-125WU12, 3A-152DUXX [j], 3A-153DU15, 3A-152WUXX, 3A-153WU12 [j], 3A-154DA12, 3A-163WP09, 3A-163WP12, 3A-163WP15, 3A-163WP18, 3A-163WP20, 3A-163WP24, 3A-165DA05, 3A-165DA12, 3A-182DU15

SWITCHING POWER ADAPTER, Model(s) 3A-182WP05, 3A-182WP06, 3A-182WP09, 3A-154WP05, 3A-154WP06 and 3A-154WP09

Switching Power Adapter, Model(s) 3A-182WU05, 3A-182WU06, 3A-182WU12, 3A-182WU15, 3A-183WP09, 3A-183WP12, 3A-183WP15, 3A-183WP18, 3A-183WP20, 3A-183WP24, 3A-183WU12, 3A-186DA05, 3A-186DA05A, 3A-186DA06, 3A-186DA12, 3A-186DA15, 3A-186XY (a1), 3A-1F3DB24, 3A-1F3DN24, 3A-1F3XXYY (XXYY), 3A-202DA12, 3A-204DB05, 3A-212DB12, 3A-231DA15, 3A-232WU15

3A-241WP12, 3A-301WP12, 3A-301WP15, 3A-301WP24 and 3A-301WP48

3A-242DA10, 3A-242DA12, 3A-242DA15, 3A-242DA16, 3A-242DA24, 3A-242WU10, 3A-242WU12, 3A-242WU15, 3A-242WU16, 3A-242WU24, 3A-242XY, 3A-243WU12, 3A-243WU15, 3A-202WU15, 3A-245DA12, 3A-303WP12, 3A-303WP19, 3A-303WP20, 3A-303WP24

3A-401WP12, 3A-401WP19, 3A-401WP20, 3A-401WP24, 3A-303WP12, 3A-303WP19, 3A-303WP20, 3A-303WP24, 3A-401WP12A

3A-401WP12A, 3A-401WP19, 3A-401WP20, 3A-401WP24, 3A-484DA12, 3A-502DAyy %, 3A-502DNyy (a2), 3A-602DA24A, 3A-602DN15, 3A-602DN24, 3A-603DBX, 3A-603DNX(l), 3A-902DAXX (k), 3A-902DBXX, 3A-902DNXX (k), AD12V/0.5A-SW, AD12V/1A-SW, AD5V/2.5A-SW

Switching Power Adapter (Linear-Switch Power Supply), Model(s) 3A-156WU12

Switching power adapters, Model(s) 3A-041WU05A

3A-181WP05, 3A-181WP05A, 3A-181WP06, 3A-181WP07, 3A-181WP09, 3A-181WP12, 3A-181WP15, 3A-181WP18, 3A-181WP20, 3A-181WP24

3A-621DNXX(c), 3G-301DN13

Switching power supplies, Model(s) 151W-07A, 3A-051WM05, 3A-122WP12, 403PS-10, EPA-051MU-05, EPA-101-05, EPA-101-06, EPA-101-09, EPA-101-10, EPA-101-12, EPA-101-15, EPA-101-7A, EPA-101D-XX, EPA-101M-05, EPA-101M-05A, EPA-101M-05B, EPA-101M-06, EPA-101M-09, EPA-101M-09A, EPA-101M-10, EPA-101M-12, EPA-101M-15, EPA-101M-7A, EPA-101MU-05A, EPA-101MU-05B, EPA-101W-07A, EPA-101W-XX, EPA-121DA-XX(a), EPA-151DA-XX, EPA-151W-12A, EPA-151W-XX, EPA-151WU-07, EPA-181W-05, EPA-201D-XX, EPA-201DA-XX, EPA-202D-1, EPA-202D-1A, EPA-202D-2, EPA-202D-2A, EPA-203D-1, EPA-203D-1A, EPA-203D-2, EPA-203D-2A, EPA-203D-2B, EPA-241D-XX, EPA-241DA-XX, EPA-501W-20, EPA-581DA-09, EPA-604D-1, EPAS-051WT-05, GPA-121DA-XX(a), LS120V05A, LS120V10A, LS33V20A, LS50V20A, LS50V25A, LS90V10A

Switching Power Supply, Model(s) 3A-066WP33, 3A-066WP05, 3A-066WP06, 3A-066WP09, 3A-066WP12, 3A-066WP15

# - Where X may be 03, 05, 12, 18, 24.

$ - "Z" can be X or U to denote different plug type, "yy" can be 03, 05, 06, 07, 09, 12, 15, 16, 18, 20 or 24 to denote different output voltage

% - Where yy= 05, 07, 12, 18, 20, 22

& - XX=12, 19, 24, 48

(a) - Where XX may be 05 thru 24.

(a1) - X= DB or DN, Y= 05A, 05, 06, 12 or 15

(a2) - yy=05, 07, 12, 18, 20, 22

(b) - Where * may be 0 thru 9, A thru Z or blank.

(c) - Where XX may be 12, 15, 16, 19, 24.

(d) - Where XX may be 05, 06, 07, 09, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24.

(e) - Where "X" may be any alphanumeric character or blank.

(f) - Where xx may be 05 thru 09.

(g) - Where xx may be 33 to 05

(h) - Where XX may be 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09, 12 or 15.

(i) - Where x may be 12, 24 or 30.

(j) - Where XX can be 35, 40 or 48 to denote different output rating; YY can be 05, 06, 07, 09, 10, 12, 15, 19, 20 or 24

(k) - (XX= 12, 19, 24 for output rating)

(l) - (X=12, 19, 24)

(X) - Where X may be U, T, E or S. X may be any alphanumeic character or blank.

(x2) - the 1st and the 2nd"*" denaote voltage

(x3) - the 1st and the 2nd"*" denote voltage, last one denotes B or blank

(XX) - Where XX may be 05, 06, 07, 09, 12, 13, 15, 18, 20, 24.

(XXYY) - XX=DB or DN, YY=12, 15, 16, 18, 19

(y) - Where (y) may be 0 thru 9 or blank.

(YY) - Where YY may be 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09, 12, 15, 18, 24, 42, 72, 75.

* - Where y may be 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115; z may be 0 thru 9, A thru Z or blank.

@ - Where "x" may be 12, 16, 19, 24, 27 or 30 to denote different output rating.

[j] - Where XX=12 or 15

^ - Where x may be 03, 33, 35, 04, 45, 05, 55, 06, 65, 07, 75, 08, 85, 09, 95, 10, 105, 11, 115, 12 or 125; y may be 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 or 13, the combination of x and y.

~ - XX=08, 09, 12

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