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File Number NWGQ7.E317539

100BaseTX + 2 Gigabit combo Layer 2 Management Switch with 8 PSE port embedded 100W PoE power budget, Model(s) 800PoE, GPB3252

13.3" Rugged notebooks, Model(s) N13i, N13

16-Port 10/100 PoE Desktop Switch, Model(s) SF100D-16P

24-Port 10/100 Switch,16-Port 10/100 Switch, Model(s) SF100-16

24-Port 10/100 switches or 16-Port 10/100 switches, Model(s) SF100-16 v2, SF100-24, SF100-24 v2, SF90-24

24-Port 100BaseTX + 2 Gigabit combo Layer 2 Management Switch with 12 PSE port mbedded 130W PoE power budget, Model(s) GPB3282

4 LAN + 1 ADSL + 1 FXO + 2 FXS VoIP Gateways, Model(s) 200A, GVA214A

4 LAN + 1 ADSL + 1 FXO + 2 FXS Wireless VoIP Gateways, Model(s) 200AW

4 LAN + 1 WAN + 1 ADSL + 1 FXO + 2 FXS VoIP Gateways, Model(s) 200AE

4 LAN + 1 WAN + 1 ADSL + 1 FXO + 2 FXS Wireless VoIP Gateways, Model(s) 200AEW

4 LAN + 1 WAN + 1 FXO + 2 FXS VoIP Gateways, Model(s) 200E

4 LAN + 1 WAN + 1 FXO + 2 FXS Wireless VoIP Gateways, Model(s) 200EW

4 LAN + 1 WAN Wireless VoIP Gateway, Model(s) VBP 200EW

4500 PoE Network services gateways, Model(s) 4500PoE

45XxT4YyPoEZZ( Xx = 08, means with 2 FXO + 6 FXS; Y=L, means No Wireless function, Y=W, means with Wireless 802.11a/b/g function; y=D, means with DSP function, y=N, without DSP function, ZZ= 12 or 24, means ports of PoE)

7" Rugged ultra mobile PCs, Model(s) T7V Tablet

8+2G PoE PSE L2 Management switches, Model(s) 800POE

8-port 10/100 Desktop switches, Model(s) SF100D-08 v2, SF90D-08

Accessory Docking stations, Model(s) Toshiba Tablet Cradle, TOSHIBA Tablet Mini Cradle, Toshiba Tablet NAS Dock, Toshiba Tablet USB Cradle

Accessory Li-ion batteries, Model(s) A32-H36, A3222-H13, A3226-H13

Accessory Li-ion battery pack, Model(s) A32-A15, FPCBP343, FPB0275

Accessory Li-Ion battery packs, Model(s) A31-KL, A32-A24, A32-H17, A32-H24, A32-K52, A32-UL20, A3222-H23, A3222-H34, A3222-H54, A3226-H34, A41-K52, A41-UL50, A42-A15, A42-K52, A42-UL50, AL31-1005, FBT3S2P, FPB0276, FPCBP344, MN-50, NBP250-BP52, NBP250-BP84

Accessory Lithium Batteries, Model(s) 921500005, 921500009, 921500012, 921500013, 921500014, 921500017, 921500021, 921500022

Accessory Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries, Model(s) A3226-H00J

Accessory Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries, Model(s) A4120-H00J, A4226-H43

ADSL Modems, Model(s) 1618-A1-XXX (b), 6211-I4, 6381-A4, AAM6010EV-PD1, AAM6020VI-T2(6388-A2-200), DSL-2640BX (@)

ADSL VoIP Gateway routers with 2 FSX+1 FX0, Model(s) GVA214A, GVW214A

All in one PC, Model(s) HP Compaq Pro 4300 All-in-One Business PC, TPC-P022

All in one PCs, Model(s) 100-5xxxyy (e), 100-6xxxyy (e), 220-1000-1, 220-1000-10, 220-1000-2, 220-1000-3, 220-1000-4, 220-1000-5, 220-1000-6, 220-1000-7, 220-1000-8, 220-1000-9, HP Compaq 8200 Elite All-in-One Business PC, HP Omni Pro110 PC, HP Omni100 PC, M1P190P, P190, TPC-P003, TPC-P005, TPC-P006, TPC-P008, TPC-P013, TPC-P014

All-in-One PC, Model(s) TPC-P020

ATSC Converter Boxes, Model(s) LUTRO

Battery packs, Model(s) BPB044H

Cable Modem, Model(s) DPC2100xx (c), DPR2325, EPC2100xx (c), MODEL DPR2320R2 DOCSIS 2.0 GATEWAY


Cable modems, Model(s) DPC3000, DPC3010, DPC3212, DPQ2160

Compact 16-port gigabit switches, Model(s) SG92-16

Compact 24-Port Gigabit Switch, 24-Port Gigabit Switch, Model(s) SG100-24 v2, SG102-24 v2, SG92-24

Compaq presario CQ1 PCs, Model(s) CPT-013-AIO

Desktop PCs, Model(s) Core 100XXX (g), Core 100XXX-XXX (g), ION 330, ION 330xxx-xx (f), ION 3D series, ION2XX (g), ION2XX-XXX (g), S330, Vision 3D series

DigiStar ethernet over COAX EP, Model(s) E320.1

Docking stations, Model(s) Power Station II

Dockings, Model(s) TCD001

DOCSIS 2.0 GATEWAY, Model(s) DPC2320****** (q)

DPC2325XXYY (X can be 0-9, A-Z, a-z; Y can be 0-9, A-Z, a-z or blank for marketing purpose and no impact safety related construction and critical components)

DOCSIS 2.0 VOICE GATEWAY, Model(s) DPC2425R2, DPC2425R2C

DOCSIS 2.0 Voice gateways, Model(s) DPC2420XXXX (p)

DOCSIS 3.0 Cable modems, Model(s) DPC3008XXXX (b)

DOCSIS 3.0 EMTA, Model(s) DPC3208XXX (b), DPC3208XXXX(i)

DOCSIS 3.0 Gatways, Model(s) DPC3825XXXX(d), DPC3827

DOCSIS 3.0 Voice gateways, Model(s) DPQ3925XXXX (b), DRG7908

DOCSIS EMTA, Model(s) DPC2202, DPC3212XXXX(b), DPQ2202xx (d), DPQ3212XXXX (b)

DOCSIS EMTA or DOCSIS 3.0 EMTA, Model(s) DPC3208CXXX (b)


DOCSIS Voice gateways, Model(s) DPC3925XXXX(d), DPQ3925-X

DOCSIS Voice gateways or DOCSIS 2.0 Voice gateways, Model(s) DPC2425, DPQ2425xx(d)

Eee PC, Model(s) 1225xxxx (d), R252xxxx (d)

EFIKA MX or Notebook PCs, Model(s) NETBOOK

HP IPAQ KB1 (Smart phones), Model(s) HSTNH-P21C

HP Pavilion PCs, Model(s) p6-xxxxyyy (k), p7-xxxxyyy (k), TPC-P009-MT, TPC-P010-MT, TPC-P016-MT, TPC-P017-MT

HP Pavilion slimline PCs, Model(s) s5-xxxxyy(#), TPC-P011-SF, TPC-P012-SF

HP TouchSmart 600 PCs, Model(s) 600-1xxxyy (e)

HP TouchSmart 9100 business PCs, Model(s) 9100

HP TouchSmart PCs, Model(s) dx9000, HP TouchSmart PC IQ5xx (c), HP TouchSmart PC IQ8xx (c), IQ5xx (c), IQ8xx (c), IQ8xx , HP TouchSmart PC IQ8xx(c)

HP Z1 Workstation, Model(s) FCLSA-1201

Hybrid Camera Receiver, Model(s) SNCA-ZP104, SNCA-ZX104

Intelligent digital video recorders, Model(s) AURA H304, AURA H308, AURA H316-120, AURA H316-60

IntelR Home dashboard evaluation system 600 series, Model(s) 600

IP Service gateways, Model(s) DRG2800

Lithium-Ion batteries, Model(s) PB002

MandaPro 2150 (All in one PCs), Model(s) MandaPro 2150

Motherboards, Model(s) IPX41-R3

MOXI HD DVR, Model(s) MR-1500T3

MOXIMate, Model(s) MP-1000

Network attached storages, Model(s) POGO-E02, POGOPLUG PRO HD, POGOPLUG VIDEO

Networkings, Model(s) GX1005E

Notebook, Model(s) N532yxxx, NH532yxxx

Notebook Computer, Model(s) Satellite Pro S87XX(m), Satellite S87XX(m), TPN-P102

Notebook computers, Model(s) N3400 Series, PORTEGE M900, PORTEGE M900D, Satellite C6*** (*), Satellite L7*** (*)

Satellite L85XX, Satellite Pro L85XX, dynabook T45XX, Satellite C85XX, Satellite Pro C85XX, dynabook B35XX,Satellite L87XX, Satellite Pro L87XX , dynabook T47XX, Satellite C87XX , Satellite Pro C87XX, dynabook B37XX (m)

Satellite M500, Satellite M500D, Satellite M505, Satellite M505D, Satellite M507, Satellite M507D, Satellite Pro C6*** (*), Satellite Pro L7*** (*), Satellite Pro U500, Satellite Pro U500D, Satellite Pro U505, Satellite Pro U505D, Satellite Pro U507, Satellite Pro U507D, Satellite U500, Satellite U500D, Satellite U505, Satellite U505D, Satellite U507, Satellite U507D

Notebook PC, Model(s) A17xxxx (b), A35xxxx (c), A55xxxx ~, B34xxxx(c), K55xxxx ~, LGA31, P023xxxx (b), R500xxxx ~, U24xxxx (~)

Notebook PCs, Model(s) A15xxxx(1), A24xxxx(~), A25XXXX (%), A34xxxx (1), AN-8422, B43xxxx (~), B53xxxx (~), E1221, E1222, E2223, H24Z, H34xx (d), H36xxx, H36xxx (d), H54xxx (x can be 0-9, a-z, A-Z or blank), H70XXX (b), LGC50, LGR71, LGT38, LGX20, MNxxxxxx (m), MS-14Yxxxx(d), MS-16Yxxxx(1), P24xxxx (~), PRO24xxxx (~), PRO89xxx (~), SP15-DIS, SP15-UMA, SP15R

Notebook PCS, Model(s) U42xxx (%)

Notebook PCs, Model(s) U43xxx (%), UL80xxx (~), X24xxxx (~), X6815, X6816, X8Bxxx (~)

Notebooks, Model(s) JM30, M17X-R1 SERIES, SP15, T12xx (d)

OfficeConnect 8 port gigabit managed switches, Model(s) 3CDSG8

OfficeConnect gigabit VPN firewalls, Model(s) 3CREVF100-73

PC, Model(s) TPC-P015-US

PC systems, Model(s) Cape7, DC-400, DC-400-01, DC-400-01(OEM), GW-400, i2-525, SYX-MM10N, Tower

PCs, Model(s) 9xx (c), a4xxxyy (a), a6xxxyy (a), Compaq Presario PC SR1xxxyy (a), Compaq Presario PC SR2xxxyy (a), Compaq Presario SR5xxxyy PC (a), Compaq SR5xxxyy PC (a), CPT-001 P, CPT-001 R, CPT-002 P, CPT-002 R, CQ5xxxyy (a), d4xxxyy (a), d5xxxyy (a), e9xxxyy (a), HP Media Center PC m7xxxyy (a), HP Pavilion a1xxxyy (a), HP Pavilion a6xxxyy (a), HP Pavilion a6xxxyy PC (a), HP Pavilion a6xxxyy TV PC (a), HP Pavilion abxxxyy (a), HP Pavilion d1xxxyy (a), HP Pavilion d4xxxyy (a), HP Pavilion m9xxxyy PC (a), HP Pavilion Media Center m8xxxyy TV PC (a), HP Pavilion Slimline s3xxxyy PC (a), HP Pavilion Slimline s3xxxyy TV PC (a), HP Pavilion t3xxyy (a), HP Pavilion u1xxxyy (a), HP Pavilion w5xxxyy (a), HPE-xxxyy (a), HSTNC-C042P-MT, HSTNC-C048P-MT, m8xxxyy (a), m9xxxyy (a), p6xxxyy (a), Pavilion s3xxxyy, s3xxxyy (a)

s5xxxyy (where x, y may be any alphanumeric character or blank)

SR5xxxyy (a), TPC-P004-SF, TPC-P018-MT, TPC-P019-MT

PDA Phones, Model(s) H-21

Personal Computer, Model(s) Veriton Z46xxG (where x can be 0-9, a-z, A-Z or blank for marketing purpose only)

W06C, W06C...($)

Personal computers, Model(s) W02C, W03CXXX (l)

Power over ethernets, Model(s) DWL-P200, PE1003, PE1004

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery packs, Model(s) MC5450BP

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery modules, Model(s) PB001

Switch, Model(s) SF200E-48P

Switches, Model(s) SF100D-05, SF100D-05 v2, SF100D-08, SF100D-16, SF100D-16 v2, SF102-24, SF102-24 v2, SF200E-24, SF200E-24P, SF200E-48, SF300-08, SF302-08, SF302-08MP, SF302-08P, SF90D-05, SF90D-16, SG100-24, SG102-24, SG200-08, SG200-08P, SG200-18, SG300-10, SG300-10MP, SG300-10P, SG300-20

Switches or 16-Port gigabit switches, Model(s) SG100-16

Table computers, Model(s) TOSHIBA AT3S****** (* means 0~9; a-z; A-Z; /; -; or blank), AT3S****** (* means 0~9; a-z; A-Z; /; -; or blank)

Table PCs, Model(s) CFT-00x (d)

Tablet Computer, Model(s) Excite 10 AT300xxxxxxxx (m), Excite 10 AT305xxxxxxxx (m)

Excite 7 AT270 ********, Excite 7 AT275********, TOSHIBA AT270********, REGZA Tablet AT270********, REGZA Tablet AT570******** (a1)

REGZA Tablet AT500xxxxxxxx (m)

TOSHIBA AT330********, Excite 13 AT330*******, Excite 13 AT335*******, REGZA Tablet AT830********, REGZA Tablet AT330******** (a1)

Tablet computers, Model(s) AT10xxxxxx (m), AT30xxxxxx (m), REGZA Tablet AT30xxxxxx (m), TOSHIBA AT10xxxxxx (m)

TOSHIBA AT1S****** (* means 0~9; a-z; A-Z; /; -; or blank)

TOSHIBA AT30xxxxxx (m), TOSHIBA WT11xxxxxx (m), Toshiba WT11xxxxxx (o), TOSHIBA WT31xxxxxx (m), Toshiba WT31xxxxxx (o), WT11xxxxxx (m), WT31xxxxxx (m)

Tablet PCs, Model(s) Lucid, MAEPAD-BB

VOIP, Model(s) CM550A, TM502Axxxxx &, TM502Cxxxxx &, TM502Gxxxxx &, TM601Axxxxx (a), TM601Bxxxxx (a), WM502xxx &, WM550XXXX +

VoIP Getways, Model(s) 4300T, 4350, 4500, 4500T4, 4500W, 4508E, 4508T, 4508T4, 4508T4W, 4508TW, 4562T4, 4562T4W, GBR1347, GBR2347, GBR5347, GBW1347, GVR6008, GVR6206, GVR6207, GVR6602, GVW6206, GVW6207, GVW6602, VBP 4350W

Wireless-N Bridge for Phone Adapters, Model(s) WBPN

& - where x may be any alphanumeric character, blank, or "/"

(#) - x, y may be any alphanumeric character or blank. It's for marketing purpose only, and no impact safety related constructions and critical components

($) - (The dots "." In model name can be 0 -9, A-Z, a-z, "/" or blank for marketing purpose only)

(%) - x can be 0-9, A-Z or blank

(*) - "*" means 0-9, a-z, A-Z or blank

(1) - x can be 0-9, A-Z, a-z, or blank. No impact to safety related of construction and critical components

(a) - x, y can be any alphanumeric character or blank

(a1) - *means 0-9;a-z;A-Z;/;-;or blank

(b) - X can be A-Z, a-z, 0-9 or blank

(c) - x can be any alphanumeric character or blank

(d) - x = 0-9, a-z, A-Z or blank

(e) - The "x" in the model could be defined as 0-9, "y" as A-Z, a-z or blank for marketing differential

(f) - x = 0-9, a-z or blank and retain "dash" symbol

(g) - X is 0-9, A-Z, a-z, blank or +

(h) - X can 1-9, A-Z or blank

(i) - X can be 0-9, A-Z except for C, a-z or blank

(k) - x and y can be 0-9, A-Z or blank

(l) - X can be 0-9, A-Z, a-z, "/" or blank

(m) - X can be 0-9, a-z, A-Z, "/", "-" or blank

(o) - x can be 0-9, a-z, A-Z, "/", "-" or blank

(p) - X can be 0-9, A-Z, a-z, - or blank

(q) - * can be any alphanumeric character, "-" or blank

+ - where X can be any alphanumeric character, blank or / )

@ - X can be A-Z, 0-9 or blank for marketing purpose.

x - (the xxx can be A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9 or blank, stand for marketing use only)

~ - x can be 0-9, a-z, A-Z or blank

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